A Life With Music

I have raised my son to try and know himself, to discover what he loves, then build his career around that. Work is a huge part of most people’s lives, and to have passion in one’s work must be a real blessing.

Why did I urge him to do this? Because I did not. I worked in offices and lived a thousand moments in awe of pianists playing in clubs, restaurants, hotel lobbies, weddings, and teaching; earning their living from music.

In 2008 I took voluntary redundancy from a news organisation, and for the first time in my life I did exactly what I fancied. I became the resident pianist in a hotel, and I jammed with others playing my melodica. I interviewed and wrote about musicians, wanting to know what they had which I didn’t. What enabled them to choose a path I was unwilling to take? Their answers became part of a book published early this year. Patrick Ross expresses similar admiration for creative people in his very well-written blog The Artist’s Road.

I have decided to live the life I want – A Life With Music. Not music on the sidelines; music in the front line. Playing, teaching, writing.

It is the tagline of this blog, and the home page now reflects this.

My son is always in the picture somewhere. He is seventeen now and doing just fine. It’s time to take a punt on Mum. I guess it’s a vote of confidence in him. Maybe it’s a vote of confidence in us both.

So. Welcome to my life with music.



    1. Joanna

      Thank you Rigzen. Reading all these blogs where people are really living their art – it’s so inspiring. I want to spend my time wisely, it’s precious and there many beautiful things to do with it. Thank you for being with me on my journey. x

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